abdullah-gulDistinguished Members of the Anatolian Heritage Federation,

My Dear Citizens and Turkic Canadians,

Esteemed Friends of Turkey,

I am very pleased to learn that the 1st Turkic Canadian Convention will be held on December 2nd, 2013 in Ottawa that aims to bring together Canadians of Turkish/Turkic origin for their best representation in political, social and cultural life of their adopted country. I congratulate the organizers for their relentless efforts and extend my sincere greetings to the participants.

Our relations with Canada have gained momentum in recent years in many fields. Taking strength from the bonds of our allied relationship under NATO and common values that Turkey and Canada advance, these relations continue to develop bilaterally as well as in G-20 and other regional and international platforms. We trust that our cooperation will be deepened and enhanced in the years to come on the basis of mutual interests of both nations.

I know that you work diligently to reflect the unique beauties of our deep rooted culture despite the tremendous distance, promote our cultural assets with the society you live in and build bridges of friendship between peoples of Turkey and Canada.

We appreciate the contributions of the Turkish Canadian community with its ever growing presence in Canada to bring our bilateral relations to its current level. Our relations will get stronger as you continue your efforts.

Our utmost expectation from our citizens living abroad like Turkish Canadians is that you make maximum contributions to your wider society in all fields and you feel the joys and the pains of the Canadian society in your heart.

We also would like you to follow the pulse of your home country and show interest to the issues that matter to Turkey.  We expect you to give impetus to your efforts to rebut biased and ill-intentioned initiatives that may arise from time to time against Turkey and Turkish people. Without doubt, it is of paramount importance that you act in unity and solidarity in your efforts to this end.

We strongly believe that you will fulfill your duty to develop our relations with Canada and the friendly bonds between our two nations at the highest level, as you did in the past.

By taking this opportunity, I congratulate the organizers and share the joy of the participants. It is my sincere wish that this convention raises the bar to the higher levels in the years to come and becomes a tradition. In line with this spirit, I wish all of you continued success and extend my kindest regards.

H.E Abdullah Gul
President of Republic of Turkey